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Things You Can Clean With a Pressure Washer

Jun 7


It doesn't matter whether you rent or buy an air pressure washer. It is an excellent tool to clean your exterior of algae and dirt. Be sure to follow all instructions prior to using any pressure washer. Also, make sure to make use of the correct nozzle for the job. Do you have the time to clean up all the mess? In order to clean your home, you can do eight things with a pressure washer.

  • Siding

A great pressure washing Tampa session can be performed if your vinyl siding looks stained or dirty. To ensure that your siding isn't damaged be sure to use the pressure washer at less pressure (pounds per square inch). You can use pressure washers to wash wood or aluminum siding, but not more than 100 PSI. It can prevent the aluminum siding from being damaged or splintering.


  • The Driveway

Dirty driveways are often caused by rain, slippery shoes, or heavy rain. This can lead to dirt and deterioration of the driveway. Begin by washing the driveway starting at the top and work towards the apron.


  • The Garage Floor

If you don't have many hours in your garage it is likely that you have oil stains or dirt on the floor. To clean the floor, turn the pressure washer to the lowest setting. Allow the solution to remain for a while (check the instructions of the manufacturer) Then, turn the pressure washer on a higher setting, and wash the floor.


  • Decks

Are you concerned about dirt, dust, and other debris affecting the deck's appearance? Pressure washing can improve your deck's appeal. The pressure washer should be applied at the lowest setting (between 500 and 1,200 PSI depending on the wood type) to ensure that it doesn't damage the surface.


  • Fences

A beautiful wood or vinyl fence will make your home more attractive. As time passes your fence could become clogged with mud, algae, and mildew. Pressure-washing can make your fence appear years younger, whether you are planning to sell your home or just clean it up. Set the pressure lower to prevent splintering or any other damage to woods that are soft. Hardwoods and vinyl can be able to withstand higher pressure.


  • Outdoor Furniture

The furniture you use outside won't be placed in a shed, or garage in the winter. It will be very worn by spring, and it will not look as good. Do a quick pressure washing at low pressure to make it suitable for the grilling season. It is important to try small areas to ensure that you don't harm any.

  • Garbage Cans

Your garbage cans can be smelling bad if you've got leftover meat and other vegetables. This isn't something to put off. Start by using a pressure washer, preferably with a scrub brush attachment, to quickly do the job. Next, employ detergent to cleanse the area.


  • Garden Paths

If your paths in your garden are covered with algae, dirt, and moss, they may become uninviting. Make sure that any plants around you are protected by tarps or another cover before spraying them with the pressure washer.

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